ismael & sonia (spain / torimbia))

Hi everyone in the camp!!

we want especially thank our friend Mr. Duangkham, who were so close and funny to us. we spent a great day with posit, our elephant and all the staff.

very,very recomendable for every people..

Susanne & Mundelien ( Ger. / Phil. )

We want to thank Duangkham who has given us an unforgettable day ! The elephant trek was a wonderful experience with very nice people in an idyllic setting.
We highly recommend Toto`s Chiangmai Jungle trekking !

Gil & Joy Robledo (Calif.)

We thought it was well worth the price…
We were treated very considerately all day.
In our party were ages 74, 69, 40, 6 & 4 (plus 3 young couples) The ride seemed long enough for us. There were plenty of men on the ground leading the elephants, so we felt safe. No uncomfortable saddles for the elephants/ bareback was the best!
A FUN day!

Mish VintageMish

(Copy from face book / Feb 18, 2015)
I DID IT ... I ticked something off my bucket list ... TODAY I played with Elephants!!!
More specifically I ended up playing with the same large male elephant named Miguel; he is such a gentle soul.
During the jungle trek we were stopped and he nudged a mahout in the back; the mahout then turned around and hugged and kissed his trunk!
I was stunned and awed into silence by this display of affection and trust between man and beast.
YES I cried several times; the tears flowed freely down my cheeks as I touched and fed these amazingly strong yet gentle animals.
I also received several Elephant Blessings: dust, mud and water!
I will forever be affected by today and the experience that I was so very privileged to receive.
Chiangmai, Thailand is many things but for me it will always hold a special place in my heart ... because it is where my heart was filled to overflowing with joy!!!

Gideon Ong

Abuja!  Many thanks to Toto and his clan for their hospitality.  This was an amazing natural experience and got to spend a lot of time with the elephants, riding through the jungle, swimming, bathing, feeding and playing with them.  We’re very glad to’ve found this opportunity as many elephant tour groups overwork and mistreat the elephants to cater the tourists.  A great trip, great value, and even more amazing people.  Abuja!

peter and family

Abuja! Catrin has described it all accurately in her review.  We are family of 4, had a phenomenal time. Other treks may sound similar but Toto knows the jungle and the villagers,  can cook (he used to teach cooking) and the 9k trek, the ovetnight stay and then elephants and 2 hour bamboo rafting was perfect.  We washed the elephants in the water and then rode them bareback across the river and narrow paths in the jungle. Awesome. You won’t be disappointed if you book this,  but we got envious looks from other groups who trekked (less), did an elephant ride (less) and rafted (less).
Thanks Toto - brilliant fun, a great and interesting guide and thoroughly recommended!!

Craig Mercer

Really great day out. Small group, private property with real jungle walk. The training was excellent. I was travelling alone and got my own elephant. Nice lunch, nice peeps. The highlight was hanging with the elephants in the river, washing and playing with them..they really love the water. The photos taken by the staff were great and as promised the cd was delivered to my guesthouse the next day. There are many other options for elephant treks but this one is the best as its way up the mountain. Great value. Highly recommended and I will definitely do it again when I’m back..


This Trekking tour was the highlight of our 4 week Thailand trip! thank you Toto for an unforgettable time! On the first day we went for a 9km walk through the jungle, passing hot springs, and resting at villages, far from the hustle and bustle to get an impression on how the tribes live a totally self sustainable life, growing their own crops and keeping animals. Toto was great explaining to us how live in those villages works and how it may be subjected to some change due to influences from the city. He also explained different vegetation and fruits and there use to the tribes. at night we stayed in a little village right beside a beautiful river where we bathed. I think I could easily have stayed there for month… the people were just beautiful smiling all the time and so natural. Toto cooked us a delicious meal and we all sat by the campfire after a night trekking tour through the jungle and creeks. On the second day we got to ride one of the elephants, that usually lives in the jungle, along the creek. this was an magnificent experience, to see how such a large animal can have such a great bond to his human. further down the river Toto collected us on a bamboo raft with which we cruised on down the river to the last village we visited and from where we got picked up back to Chiang Mai. all in all I can only highly recommend a trekking tour with Toto, he can take you to places where others will not be able to take you to.
Thank You Toto


une super expérience, toto est adorable, nous avons  
découvert la vrai vie des gens de la montagne, très différent de la Thaïlande touristique, d’ailleurs, nous n’avons pas croisé de touriste sur le trek de 3 jours, je recommande vivement…

Jessica Fin, Tanja Cro

We want to recommend Toto ‘s trekking tour for everyone who likes lot of adventure, for people who are ready to walk a lot and who loves nature.
With Toto you can see villages in the border of Burma, you sleep with locals, you go to the jungle where so many people hasn’t been. We went bamboo rafting what was very peaceful experience and saw elephants who live free in the woods.
You will each well, stay with great people and have many memories to remember.
Thank you from Jessica Fin, Tanja Cro

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